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Phone Recycle

What is my phone worth?

The value of the cheque that you or the charity received will be based on the Model and condition of the phone.


To find out what your phone could be worth Call me mobile with the manufacturer and the model of your phone. (eg. Sony Ericsson W300 or iPhone 3G 16Gb) or the first 8 digits of your IMEI. You can find your IMEI by typing *#06# or looking under the battery for the 15 digit IMEI.


What do I need to do ?

1. Make sure that you delete all the personal information from your phone or save it to the SIM card. You can then remove the SIM card and use it in your new phone.  


2. Down load and Print out and Fill in all the details on the your printed, including your choice of registered charity,(if you are choosing to donate your money to charity) then pop the slip, along with your old mobile phone , the charger and any associated accessories into a jiffy bag, envelope or box and seal it.


3. Call us to arrange pick up where possible, or take your sealed bag to your nearest Offex posting point or direct to Offex benidorm

C/Esperanto 26 bajo Edf;Españoleto local 1


We recommend that you keep a proof of postage for your envelope.


What happens next ?

*Your old mobile phone will be tested by ME MOBILE to check that it both works and meets the terms and conditions (see below)


*Assuming it meets the terms and conditions, ME MOBILE will send a cheque either to you or your chosen charity, within 21 days .



1. The mobile phone must be owned by you. In using this service you declare that you are the owner of the mobile phone and that you agree for ownership of it to be unconditionally transferred to ME MOBILE.


2. Mobile phones must be in working order. ME MOBILE shall determine whether a mobile phone is working upon receipt of the mobile phone.


3.ME MOBILE will not be responsible for mobile phones lost, missing or stolen during transit. Mobile phones that are missing will only be credited if a valid proof of postage can be provided.


4.The mobile phone will be valued at the sole discretion by ME MOBILE on a scale of 0 euros to 150 euros and may be subject to change. 


Mobile phones and assessories cannot be returned once received unless postage is paid.


Any SIM cards received by ME MOBILE will be destroyed.


ME MOBILE may in its sole discretion refuse to accept mobile phones.  Details of mobile phones received that are suspected of being stolen may be referred to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.


Dealers and stockists are excluded from this offer.


Information provided shall be used by ME MOBILE in order to process the offer and despatch cheques. All data shall be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.  


If your nominated charity cannot be validated, the assessed value of the mobile phone will be returned to you by cheque.


If you are unsure about any of the terms and conditions above or confused about what to do next please call us on 902 907 910 or email us at RECYCLE@MEMOBILEPHONE.COM with any queries and we will respond within 48 hours.


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